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New Australia data centre added to RAP service delivery portfolio

Azure Australia data centres now live!

As part of our continuing plan to deliver RAP through regional Azure data centres, we are pleased to announce the availability of RAP services in the recently completed Azure Australia data centres. With this new deployment we are able to offer faster RAP services to Australia and New Zealand based businesses whilst ensuring the risk data remains within your legal jurisdiction to comply with data protection laws.

RAP is now available from four regional locations, with each location comprising of at least two geographically diverse data centres and database/storage replication between the two location to give full disaster recovery and business continuity coverage. With the tooling now available to us, deployment of new data centre offerings can be made in as little as 4 hours, as can migration from one service centre to another should customers require it.

Locations now available include UK, Europe, Asia & Australasia, with further deployments planned in the coming months. Within the UK, Europe and Asia regions please contact UK Sales and for Australasia please contact our local reseller K2Fly



RAP now uses Azure Threat Detection

Following launch of the Azure SQL Threat Detection service by Microsoft recently, we are pleased to announce that all Risk Assurance Platform (RAP) instances are now threat-protection enabled.

This service, outlined in more detail here works to detect attempts to bypass the correct application layer to allow a hacker to extract SQL table data. By looking for SQL Injection as well as other hacking vectors, these attempts are reported to the RAP support team in real-time allowing us to thwart such attacks before they can access any client data.
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