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RAP adds new Service Delivery Centres

The Risk Assurance Platform is now available to use across more data centres and geographies as we increase the number of service delivery centres we operate from.

Service Delivery Checks

Available today, RAP can now be accessed using two new UK data centres and two additional data centres in Asia. The UK data centres will provide risk governance services to UK located businesses and are intended to position RAP data within the UK data protection jurisdiction ahead of the exit from the European Union.

The Asian data centres provide the same local RAP service to businesses operating within Asia and Australasia.

These deployments are also taking advantage of new delivery architectures for RAP and will significantly reduce the network and user experience latency by bringing services closer to home and extending the use of Azure Redis cache services to include the full RAP organisation hierarchy and risk appetite matrix used by your business.

We are working hard to improve still further the resilience of the RAP application deployment, and the move to put all cache data within the Azure Redis caches will ensure that application services can be moved transparently, within a user session without impacting the user, either by logging them out or losing the latest risk update. With this change, we can now scale-out and/or scale-up RAP services in real-time without impacting the availability of the service, including the deployment of software updates or patches during normal working hours.

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