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ISO 9001 Has Greater Emphasis on Risk Management

ISO 9001, the quality standard has now placed more emphasis on risk based thinking when setting up and maintaining the quality management system (QMS). How will this new approach enable your business to thrive under the quality standard?

It will be a requirement under the ISO 9001 standards to identify and understand risks and opportunities from external as well as internal factors and take these into account when setting up the management system. Having a risk assessment process and methodology within your business will capture both the risks and opportunities that may threaten to disrupt the business or enable you to exploit the opportunities. However, as of now there is no requirement to have a formal risk assessment process in place; but why not make that easy with RAP.

The Risk Assurance Platform enables businesses to capture, track and pro-actively manage their overall risk exposure, and by assigning risk or issue ownership together with the creation of linked action plans there is a readily accessible solution that empowers employees to actively manage risk. And by making the platform available on any device and from anywhere, risk can be managed at any time giving you confidence that threats are minimised, even if they cannot be completely eradicated.

For more information see the ISO website.

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