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Analyse Risk with Power BI

RAP now comes with its own Power BI content pack

We are pleased to announce the general availability of our Power BI content pack for the Risk Assurance Platform. This marks a major milestone in bringing deep risk insights to your business by analysing risk trends across your portfolio.  The content pack is pre-loaded with analytics tiles, and can be extended to produce bespoke data analysis reports for your business. We will continue to develop the content pack to offer even more insights to your RAP data.

At the moment, the content pack can be accessed via the Power BI application either on the web or on your desktop device, and in the future we will be looking to embed access to the content pack within the RAP application itself making the product a one-stop shop for all your risk mitigation and analytics needs. Continue reading

RAP helps with GDPR compliance…

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on 25 May 2018, requires that organisations worldwide properly identify, track, and protect their EU customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). This may require overhauling and updating a number of internal processes, systems and ensuring appropriate training for your people as well as ensuring the compliance of any third parties working with your data on your behalf.

If one of your third parties fails to adhere to GDPR requirements and results in your customers’ personal data getting compromised, you are liable regardless of the circumstances. It is therefore vital that you undertake risk assessments relating to PII data that you may hold in order to deliver your business services.

Use RAP to smooth the way..

The Risk Assurance Platform supports your assessment of GDPR allowing you to not only identify risks and plan mitigation strategies for your own people, processes and systems, but it also provides for third party related risks to be identified and mitigated. You can minimise the work load on your people by allowing trusted third parties to access your RAP system and manage their own risks whilst giving you full audit and analytics visibility of the risk profiles.

Sussex tops global university ranking

The university of Sussex appears at the top of global rankings comparing universities by individual subjects. Sussex is rated the world’s best for development studies.

The annual QS World University Rankings by Subject compare institutions across 46 subjects. They show the strengths of in-depth specialisms, rather than basing comparisons on an overall university ranking.

Using the Risk Assurance Platform to drive campus governance

Sussex has adopted RAP to strengthen its governance processes, and is continuing to expand the deployment across it’s campus schools and central governance functions to ensure there is clear visibility of risks and a common process to drive mitigation plans and enforce control mechanisms. By adopting RAP, Sussex ensures that risks are managed under a common framework that allows the easy identification of risk trends and hot-spots through easy to use dashboards.


New Australia data centre added to RAP service delivery portfolio

Azure Australia data centres now live!

As part of our continuing plan to deliver RAP through regional Azure data centres, we are pleased to announce the availability of RAP services in the recently completed Azure Australia data centres. With this new deployment we are able to offer faster RAP services to Australia and New Zealand based businesses whilst ensuring the risk data remains within your legal jurisdiction to comply with data protection laws.

RAP is now available from four regional locations, with each location comprising of at least two geographically diverse data centres and database/storage replication between the two location to give full disaster recovery and business continuity coverage. With the tooling now available to us, deployment of new data centre offerings can be made in as little as 4 hours, as can migration from one service centre to another should customers require it.

Locations now available include UK, Europe, Asia & Australasia, with further deployments planned in the coming months. Within the UK, Europe and Asia regions please contact UK Sales and for Australasia please contact our local reseller K2Fly



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