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Analyse Risk with Power BI

RAP now comes with its own Power BI content pack

We are pleased to announce the general availability of our Power BI content pack for the Risk Assurance Platform. This marks a major milestone in bringing deep risk insights to your business by analysing risk trends across your portfolio.  The content pack is pre-loaded with analytics tiles, and can be extended to produce bespoke data analysis reports for your business. We will continue to develop the content pack to offer even more insights to your RAP data.

At the moment, the content pack can be accessed via the Power BI application either on the web or on your desktop device, and in the future we will be looking to embed access to the content pack within the RAP application itself making the product a one-stop shop for all your risk mitigation and analytics needs.

Out of the box, the RAP Power BI content pack comes with a pre-defined dashboard of current state and trend data, allowing you see at a glance the critical risk areas for your business and the trend of risk exposure you face. Each tile can be drilled down so that focus can put on specific areas of concern, and if necessary the underlying data can be viewed.

RAP Power BI Dashboard Image

RAP Power BI Dashboard


The content pack also contains report tabs that drill further down into the detail of your data, focusing on the state of the risk governance process within your organisation. Again data selection & drill down can be used to focus on specific areas of concern, and the underlying data can be viewed or exported for further analysis.

Risk & Issue Analytics Image

Risk & Issue Analytics

Getting Started

The Power BI content pack can be obtained from the Power BI gallery or if you require help please speak to your account manager in the first instance.

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