Multi-platform, full functionality

These days we all expect to have access to our core corporate data at our fingertips, regardless of the device we are using and where we are at the time, RAP is designed to meet those expectations. With a responsive UI that automatically orients pages to match your devices display characteristics, you can access and manage your risk data on any platform using the built in web browser.
Risks can emerge at any time, and do not keep to a working day schedule, so ensure you respond to emerging threats at any time by keeping a connection with your company’s risk profile, whilst retaining the full functionality of the RAP platform on your mobile device.

No Orphans

Risks need an owner to ensure mitigation activities are planned and delivered, and RAP helps to drive this culture by ensuring every risk and issue is owned within the business.

Double Digit ROI

RAP has been carefully priced to drive risk governance adoption across the enterprise, with management of risk at the operational level. This produces a risk awareness across the business resulting in reduced risk cost.

Rapid Deployment

Deployed to the Microsoft Azure cloud, RAP is rapidly deployed within our cloud in the West Europe datacentre with full security and data replication features. Local Azure datacentres for customers outside of Europe are also available.
  • Keith Budinger, CEO

    Halite Energy have strong ties with the RAP team and they responded when we asked them to deliver a cost effective, easy to use Risk Management System that could be used throughout our organisation. The brief was simple, We want to control our risk profile by ensuring the risks are mitigated, controlled and action plans to achieve this are monitored and tracked. We have been using the product now for well over 2 years and and the RAP Platform is well embedded in our company ethos and is part and parcel of our working day.

  • Paul Davies

    The Risk Assurance Platform has helped the University of Sussex to introduce a robust and structured approach to Risk management.

    Initially launched within the IT Services function, the University is now looking to expand the use of the tool to our professional services units to provide a common, consistent approach and view to risk and issue management for the University.

    The platform allows us to track and manage risks, with workflow built in to ensure actions are tracked and monitored, ensuring that we manage and avoid overdue actions and keep aware of risk mitigation plans.

    The tool is a key enabler to introducing a better risk management culture and assists with prioritising resource and action to address the key risks and issues that the organisation has identified…..

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